Study Provides Evidence That Maitake D-Fraction® to be Effective Against Bladder Cancer Cells

May 10, 2007 – The latest study recently published in the Alternative Medicine Review magazine (vol. 12, Number 1, 2007) presented further evidence of the superior cancer-inhibiting activity of Grifron®-Pro Maitake D-Fraction® (GD) on human bladder cancer cells over other natural anti-cancer products.

Dr. Sensuke Konno of the New York Medical College conducted studies on GD and seven other commercially available products against human bladder cancer cells (T24). Such products compared in the study consist of other mushroom, mushroom extracts, beta-glucan based on extract of yeast and an arabinoxylan product based on rice bran and Shiitake mushroom.

As a result, GD showed >90% cell growth reduction at the concentration of 240μg/mL, while most of the other materials had only little even at their highest concentration of ≥1000μg/mL. It is also found that GD presented even greater effect when combined with Vitamin C, reconfirming the fact that Vitamin C would act synergistically with this fraction to potentiate its bioactivity.

Maitake Products, Inc. is a pioneer and market leader of medicinal mushroom products. Since GD was introduced to the market, it has been widely accepted by various clients in the U.S. and exported to more than 30 overseas countries.

“We have seen very similar results previously on human prostate cancer cells (PC-3)” says Donna Noonan, Vice President of Marketing for Maitake Products. “We are very proud to have our flagship product continuously demonstrate such strong and positive results, establishing our company as the market leader in the medicinal mushroom industry.” In the meantime, Michael Shirota, President and CEO of the company, comments, “We are pleased to see our Maitake D-fraction® has, again, outperformed other competing products by substantiating its strong immune-stimulating activities.

Grifron®-Pro Maitake D-Fraction® is the very first mushroom supplement based on the standardized extract that has received IND approval for clinical studies on breast and prostate cancers by the FDA. Available in liquid form throughout the U.S. and over 30 overseas countries, Maitake Products, Inc. plans to make this product also available in a compact size vegetable tablet form very soon.

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