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Study Shows Sun Chlorella's Dermal Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Dogs

Sun Chlorella Corporation, an international manufacturer of premium human and animal-grade chlorella green food products, confirmed today that its sponsored study, "Anti-inflammatory Effect of Chlorella pyrenoidosa on Chronic Dermatitis in Beagles," showed significant observed improvement in dogs suffering from this agitated dermal condition.

The four-week, veterinary-supervised study involved subjects suffering from pre-existing dermatitis, symptoms of which include reddening, papules and eczema. After observing and reporting initial dermal legions, half of the subjects were assigned to a control group and the other half received daily oral administration of Chlorella pyrenoidosa powder.

Observation after four weeks showed little change in the control group's auricle condition. In contrast, the chlorella group exhibited significant statistical reduction in dermatitis agitation, with 60 percent of subjects showing either "marked" or "moderate" improvement. In addition, results from other monitored body sites (including face/head, forearm, abdomen, back and tail) on chlorella subjects showed a combined 85.7 percent rate of "moderate" to "disappeared" legion improvement.

"As we continue to explore chlorella's vast effect on the body beyond its detoxifying and digestive health properties, we are pleased to discover our chlorella brand has exhibited a significant effect on improving skin conditions such as dermatitis. We understand this condition can cause great discomfort in dogs and also worry dog owners," said Yoshi Nishimaki, Sun Chlorella USA president and chief executive officer.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is the foundation of several Sun Chlorella products including Sun Chlorella "A" tablets, granules and the company's specifically formulated Pet Sun Chlorella. For more information and to receive a complimentary sample of Pet Sun Chlorella, visit

About Sun Chlorella USA
Sun Chlorella USA is a privately owned developer, manufacturer and distributor of premium chlorella and herbal products. For more than 40 years, Sun Chlorella Corp. has been a leader in the nutritional supplement industry and is one of the most trusted and respected brands due to its focus on research, innovation and delivery of high quality dietary supplements. Sun Chlorella Corp. holds the patent on the DYNO®-Mill pulverization processing technique, setting its chlorella offerings apart from all others on the market in terms of purity and bioavailability.

For more information about Sun Chlorella USA, its DYNO®-Mill processing method and its line of superior products, visit

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