Supplements: just what the doctor ordered

Most US physicians—79%—recommend supplements to their patients, according to the Life…supplemented Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Impact Study.

The top five health reasons physicians recommend supplements to their patients are: for bone health, recommended by 33%; overall health and wellness (32%); joint health (29%); heart health (26%); and maintaining healthy cholesterol.

The survey also showed that doctors practice what they preach, with 72% stating they used dietary supplements themselves.

Of those who revealed they took supplements, 87% said they took multivitamins, 78% took vitamin C, 63% B vitamins, 59% vitamin D, and 58% for both vitamin E and calcium.

Life…supplemented is a consumer wellness campaign designed to drive awareness about supplement use, managed by the Washington DC-based trade body Council for Responsible Nutrition.

The HCP Impact Study involves canvassing nearly 1200 healthcare professionals.

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