Tahitian Noni International Launches HIRO for an Active Lifestyle

PROVO, Utah, March 15, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Tahitian Noni International today launches HIRO(TM), a new line of healthy beverages that combine the power of the noni fruit with other health-promoting supplements. HIRO, the first ready- to-drink noni based beverage, features three distinct brands: Energy, Mobility and Vitality. Each drink from the HIRO line offers a variety of benefits including joint support, immune support and energy.

"As the popularity of energy and wellness drinks has continued to increase, Tahitian Noni International saw the need to create a beverage line that addresses distinct needs: joint and immune support, as well as immediate energy," said Kelly Olsen, President of Tahitian Noni International. "Serving as an extension to our TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice line, HIRO allows consumers to address functional needs while obtaining all the health benefits of noni."

HIRO, named after a Tahitian legend, builds on the known benefits of the noni fruit. The beverage line focuses on combining noni with healthy ingredients that are widely accepted by the health food industry.

"We focused on creating a healthy energy beverage that does not contain added sugars and has numerous beneficial ingredients such as B-vitamins. The HIRO(TM) line addresses several functional needs," said Jonathan Gustaven, Senior Product Line Manager, Tahitian Noni International. "For those who are looking for immune support we have HIRO Vitality, for those who need increased energy we have HIRO Energy, and for those who are looking for overall joint health we have HIRO Mobility."

HIRO Energy
HIRO Energy caters to consumers who lack energy and provides a healthier, more responsible alternative to the "crash and burn" of sugary energy drinks and sodas. HIRO Energy combines noni with guarana, B vitamins, and taurine to provide immediate energy plus it contains no added sugars. This beverage offers unique and specific energy benefits to assist people in need of a pick- me-up during the lull of the day.
Product Benefits:
-- Contains high levels of B-vitamins essential for overall health
-- Contains ingredients specially formulated to assist in energy
-- Contains guarana, to provide a boost of energy
-- Contains noni, which helps support the immune system, increases energy
and provides superior antioxidants

HIRO Mobility

Active lifestyles present an ever-increasing demand on our bodies, a demand that is often felt first in our joints. Hiro Mobility caters to consumers with joint challenges due to age or frequent physical activity. This functional beverage offers unique and specific joint support benefits designed to provide people with increased joint health. Mobility is power-packed with genuine noni plus well-known joint health ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.
Product Benefits:
-- Supports and lubricates joints and helps support healthy cartilage
-- Contains noni, which helps support the immune system, increases energy,
and provides superior antioxidants
-- Contains 1500mg of glucosamine, helping maintain healthy cartilage
-- Contains 1000mg of proven joint supporting MSM
-- Contains 500mg of chondroitin sulfate, which helps lubricate and
hydrate joints

HIRO Vitality

Today's fast pace of life requires our bodies to perform under stressful situations and in environments that can compromise our health, wearing down the immune system. HIRO Vitality assists consumers who need immune support and protection from the harmful effects of our environment. Vitality contains noni, vitamins and herbs shown to support the immune system, along with other beneficial ingredients including a whole food blend and ginseng that help the body maintain a healthy state.
Product Benefits:
-- Contains noni, which helps support the immune system, increases energy,
and provides superior antioxidants
-- Promotes vitality and well being

HIRO products can be purchased as single cans or in 24 pack increments. Tahitian Noni(R) products may be ordered from a Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultant, by catalog, by visiting www.TahitianNoni.com, or by calling 1-877-4ShopTN.

About the Company
Tahitian Noni International is a global, research-driven products company that was the first to introduce the benefits of the noni plant to the world outside Tahiti. Founded by two food research scientists in 1995, the company is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of noni-based products including beverages, beauty and spa products, weight management lines, and animal nutrition. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Tahitian Noni International has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Tahiti, Japan, and China; and sales offices in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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