Tests Suggest That AlaLife(TM) Flax Lignans Possess Strong Antioxidant Activity

CHENGDU, on Jan.18, 2007, BioGin Biochemicals company, an Active Ingredient researcher and manufacturer, has announced the completion of research and development of high potency Flax Lignans with 40% SDG (secoisolariciresinol glucoside).

According to a series of tests the company has performed on its AlaLife(TM) the Standardized Flaxseed Extract, the product has high antioxidant activity.

Flax lignans are phytoestrogens that research suggests have many benefits. Effects on the prostate health for men, menopause health for women, estrogen balance and cardiovascular support have been investigated in the research, and now BioGin has found evidence that its AlaLife(TM) flax lignans also has strong antioxidant activity. An ORAC test conducted by a US contract Laboratory indicates that AlaLife(TM) has a high ORAC value, nearly 7000µmoleTE/g, making it almost equal with well-known strong antioxidant products, such as bilberry, grape and others. These results suggest that the product may help prevent free-radical damage associated with aging and disease.

AlaLife(TM) is a standardized flaxseed extract manufactured by BioGin, including flax EFA( ALA) and flax lignans(SDG). at 40% SDG, the product is higher than other products with 20% SDG. For more information on AlaLife, please visit www.biogin.com.

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