Triarco Clinical Trial Indicates Aminogen® Increases Nitrogen Retention By 32%!

WAYNE, New Jersey – Monday, June 12, 2006 -- Already clinically proven to boost amino acid availability and absorption by 100%, Aminogen is now shown to increase nitrogen retention levels by 32%.

The Triarco clinical trial studied Aminogen’s impact on nitrogen balance, in subjects taking the breakthrough, patented enzyme formula with their whey protein. Nitrogen excretion and retention levels were measured every 4 hours over a 24-hour period.

The results confirm Aminogen’s ability to substantially increase nitrogen retention. Among the 41 subjects, those taking Aminogen retained between 32% and 35% more nitrogen.

Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is crucial for:

  • Protein absorption and amino acid synthesis
  • Building and sustaining lean muscle mass
  • Improving anti-catabolic activity

And now, Aminogen helps you retain more nitrogen:

  • Safely and legally
  • Reliably, in a clinically-proven formula
  • Simply, taken with your dietary protein or protein shake

While insufficient protein absorption can contribute to a negative nitrogen balance, Aminogen packs a double punch: improving protein absorption by increasing amino acid levels and boosting nitrogen retention. Shown to increase plasma amino acid levels by 100%, branched-chain amino acid levels by 250% and nitrogen by 32%, this extraordinary formula makes the most of your protein, by:

 Helping you absorb more of the amino acids you need for building muscle mass and strength
 Maximizing protein absorption to prevent nitrogen loss
 Retaining more of the nitrogen ideal for sustaining your muscle growth

Be sure to look for this revolutionary ingredient in Optimum Nutrition’s After Max™, Pro Complex™ Protein Formula and Pro Complex™ Gainer, each of which is packed with 250 mg. of Aminogen® per dose.

Prepare your nitrogen retention levels for take-off, and do not stop until you come to a full and complete mass explosion! Get serious about your protein intake by adding Aminogen® to your supplement program.

Find out more about Aminogen® and how it can maximize your protein and your workout at

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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