Unconventional Angels Join Together in Cause-related Consumer Marketing Program to Save Children's Lives

Save money and save a child’s life at the same time? It can be done, says a group of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to childhood nutrition and organic food and farming.

In an unprecedented joint initiative called “Unconventional Angels,” Vitamin Angels, along with The Organic Center and the Organic Trade Association, is unveiling a new cause-marketing coupon book program for health-conscious consumers that will help save them money on branded natural and organic products while saving up to 4 million children around the world at risk for malnutrition and childhood blindness due to lack of Vitamin A in the diet.

The cause-marketing coupon book will feature branded products including dietary supplements, natural personal care products, natural foods, organic foods and other products. Approximately 1 million coupon books will be printed for distribution in October to tie in with Child Health Month. The books will be available to consumers at leading natural and organic products retailers throughout the country.

For retailers, the cause-marketing program includes floor-shipper displays containing 750 coupon books each, shelf talkers, channel strips to highlight participating brands, a national ad campaign in leading consumer publications and websites, and interactive staff training materials.

Participating manufacturers of natural and organic products will garner good will by aligning their respective brands with the missions of Vitamin Angels, The Organic Center and the Organic Trade Association. Also, these manufacturers will gain national exposure through the program, and will capture loyal customers by offering valuable coupon discounts for their products. According to NCH Marketing Services, a research firm based in Livonia, MI, coupon redemption during the fourth quarter of 2008 increased 16.7% compared to the prior year, and continues to be a significant trend as consumers look to save money in a challenging economy.

“By publishing this cause-related coupon book, consumers benefit, natural products retailers benefit, participating manufacturers benefit—and underprivileged children around the world benefit from increased resources being directed to their wellbeing,” says Jeff Markel, Managing Director of Vitamin Angels. “The Unconventional Angels program brings together for the first time organizations from the ‘unconventional’ organic and nutrition industries to create a consumer-driven promotional program that supports the growth of natural and organic business while also supporting a life-saving effort around the world.”

Natural and organic products retailers interested in participating in the Unconventional Angels cause-related coupon-marketing program can contact Andrea Porfidio at MusicMatters (the program’s marketing partner), tel 952.426.7815, [email protected]. Manufacturers interested in placing coupons and content in the book can contact Steven Hoffman at The Organic Center, tel 303.499.1840, [email protected], or Susan Fecko at Vitamin Angels, tel 303.449.0728, [email protected]. For more information and to view a brief inspirational and informational video, please visit www.vitaminangels.com/menu/unconventional.

Additionally, the Unconventional Angels program will be celebrated with manufacturers and retailers of natural and organic products at a special reception and educational event on September 25 at Natural Products Expo East in Boston as part of Vitamin Angels’ annual Celebration of Angels event.

About Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential micronutrients, especially Vitamin A, to newborns, infants and children under five. In 2009, Vitamin Angels will connect over 10,000,000 children in over 30 countries, including the US, with the vital nutrients they need as a foundation for good health. To learn more about the problem of global malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, and Vitamin Angels' solution for change, log on to our website at www.vitaminangels.org.

About The Organic Center
The Organic Center's unique mission is to advance scientific research on the health and environmental benefits of organic foods, and to communicate those benefits to the public. As an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education organization, we envision improved health for the earth and its inhabitants through conversion of agriculture to organic methods. All of The Organic Center’s research reports, publications, consumer guides and videos are available free of charge on our website, www.organic-center.org. Individuals are also invited to sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter, The Scoop. Learn more at www.organic-center.org.

About the Organic Trade Association

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is the membership-based business association for organic agriculture and products in North America. Its members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmers' associations, distributors, importers, exporters, consultants, retailers and others. OTA’s Board of Directors is democratically elected by its members. OTA's mission is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy. For more information, also visit www.ota.com.

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