Users Confirm that BioAstin® Natural Astaxanthin is Beneficial for Joints, Tendons and Muscles; for Protection of the Skin From UV Damage; and for Boosting Immunity

A request to complete a survey was sent to 1584 consumers who had purchased BioAstin at least once over the last seven years, from which a total of 302 qualified responses were received. Results showed remarkable effectiveness for BioAstin:

• 84% of respondents who had experienced joint, tendon or muscle pain found that their condition improved after using BioAstin
o 83% experienced less pain
o 60% experienced increased mobility
o 75% found that Natural Astaxanthin worked the same or better than over-the-counter pain medications
o 64% found that Natural Astaxanthin worked the same or better than prescription anti-inflammatories
• 68% experienced reduced UV damage from sun exposure
• 80% experienced improved immunity and/or resistance to colds and flu

A significant body of medical research has demonstrated BioAstin’s effectiveness in these three distinct applications; this survey is further evidence of BioAstin’s benefits in these areas. For more information on BioAstin or a copy of a paper summarizing the user survey and the medical research in these areas, please contact us at [email protected] or call 808.334.9415.

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