Vitamin K2 discovered in Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica®

Cyanotech today announced its Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica® has another nutritional first: The world’s most nutrient rich Spirulina is also a source of Vitamin K2.* We have long known that Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is an excellent source of Vitamin K, with 94% of the recommended Daily Value; but until now no Spirulina product has been shown to specifically contain Vitamin K2. With the growing body of research showing benefits for Vitamin K2, this is a very important discovery. Among other potential benefits, Vitamin K2 is believed to:

• Support blood health
• Support cardiovascular health and circulation
• Support bone health

If you’re already using Hawaiian Spirulina, be sure to announce to your customers that it has now been shown to contain Vitamin K2. And if you’re not using Hawaiian Spirulina yet, please call us today to discuss product development ideas. For more information about Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica please e-mail us at [email protected] or call 808.334.9415.

* Based on analytical results from an independent contract laboratory, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica provides approximately 15 mcg / 3gm daily serving or 19% of the Daily Recommended Value of Vitamin K2, and 75 mcg / 3gm daily serving of Vitamin K (including all forms) or 94% of the Daily Recommended Value of Vitamin K.

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