From 'We' To 'Me' — The Future Is I-nutrition

From 'we' to 'me' best sums up the latest trend in functional foods, according to a new report The Food and Health Marketing Handbook by Julian Mellentin and Peter Wennström. Citing the success of brands such as Yakult, Actimel, Red Bull, Naked Juice and other smoothie brands, the authors say lifestyle needs are increasingly connected to the idea of products for individual consumption. Single-serve juices, energy drinks and smoothies in addition to the energy bar sector have all proved to be winners with consumers.

Mellentin claims all these brands are founded on a thorough understanding of consumers needs, beliefs, values and aspirations.

"Consumers regard health as an extensive menu of options from which they select the dishes that make the most sense in the context of their individual beliefs, needs and lifestyles. What one member of the household chooses to consume to meet their own needs may be quite different from another. The decline of the family meal reflects the progression from 'we' to 'me'," he says.

Many companies say they cannot enter the niche market yet Mellentin says the future is all about 'I nutrition.'

The Food and Health Marketing Handbook
Peter Wennström and Julian Mellentin
(New Nutrition Business, 2003)

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