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NBJ's 2017 Condition Specific Report

With $41 billion in domestic sales, people are looking to dietary supplements as an answer to health conditions. What is not always so obvious is how the industry can adjust and pivot fast to meet a set of needs that ripples and shifts with its own set of headlines. That’s what the NBJ Condition Specific Supplements Report is for. 

Executive teams will learn why gut health is a cross-category concern now, as the probiotics 2.0 revolution gathers steam and highlights the connection between what goes on in the gut and what happens in the rest of the body. The report also explores how younger generations are moving into the cognitive nutrition market, concerned about preventing declines decades from now and also improving their mental performance to match a demanding professional pace. 

Supplements appear to be in the right place at the right time. This year’s NBJ Condition Specific Supplements Report will help your company show up with the right products. Learn more about what's inside this year's Condition Specific Report from our managing editor, Bill Giebler, in the video below. And click here to purchase the report.


Download the top 5 charts from the NBJ 2017 Condition Specific Report