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In Session

Supplements on the forefront of trends in optimized health

Keep up with innovation in the ever-shifting supplements industry by joining New Hope Network's ingredients and supplements editor Todd Runestad for an exclusive In Session video.

Part 1: "The nearly perfect plant" 


  • CBD's entrance into the industry is giving us further insight into how supplements are regulated and classified.
  • How does the FDA support pharmaceuticals at the expense of supplements? 

Part 2: The beauty of botanicals 


  • "Nature-Identical" (NDI's) and botanicals are two species of supplements. What makes them so different? 
  • Insider clip of Ric Scalzo, CEO and founder of Gaia Herbs, sheds light on the power of botanical medicine. 
  • Current trends in capsule alternatives as delivery formats continue to evolve. 

Part 3: It gets personal 


  • The movement toward personalized nutrition is an industry game-changer.
  • Diagnostic tools are being used to shape an offensive versus a defensive health care system. 
  • Conscious consumerism is demanding business practices to promote sustainability. 

Part 4: Optimized health and the "right to win" 


  • Leading brands and product lines optimize health and vitality in sports performance.
  • Which supplements are aiding in the increasing problem of sleep, stress and adrenal fatigue? 

Part 5: What does the future hold? 


  • Cellphones and computers are putting people at risk for vision loss. How can supplements address this important issue? 
  • Developments in mitochondrial support supplements optimize health at the cellular level.
  • The future potential of food tech to provide fully sustainable protein sources. 


This session—Trends in Supplement Innovation, Ingredients for Growth—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2016. Click download to get the accompanying slides.

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