Fenchem launches vitamin/mineral premix for food industry

Fenchem launches vitamin/mineral premix for food industry

FenMix is a customized blend of desired functional ingredients in a single, efficient, homogenous premix.

Nowadays more people throughout the world are demanding convenience products with a balanced composition that taste good and give the consumer a sense of health.

To better serve the customers in this industry, Fenchem launched vitamin/mineral premix for food industry, branded as FenMixTM. It is a precisely customized blend of desired functional ingredients—vitamin and mineral, in one single, efficient, homogenous premix. Based on the customer’s request, we can provide various recipes for their particular option. FenMix solutions now are widely approved and accepted by the customers in many industries, such as beverage, bakery, dairy and food supplements.

Based on our almost 20-year experience in this industry, Fenchem R&D is always devoted to researching new formulas and providing the customers value-added solutions for the products. Besides FenMix, we also provide other customized solutions in food industry, like NouriSweet sweetener blends, Fen-Colloids dairy stabilizer and etc.

Fenchem has been specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients for almost 20 years, serving the food industry. With the help of our five overseas offices, located in USA, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa, Fenchem can guarantee fast delivery service and provide immediate know-how solutions to our customers around the world.


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