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GWI secures choline supply

GWI secures choline supply
Exclusive partnership with Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical scores GWI a continuous supply of high-quality choline DL-bitartrate for the U.S. brain health market.

Cognitive Health is a hot topic and the demand for supplements with brain and memory supporting benefits is growing rapidly. Choline, a nutrient similar to B vitamins and essential in the human body, has shown to play an increasingly important role in supplementation for adults, as well as for infants. GWI has secured its continuous supply of high quality Choline DL-Bitartrate (uncoated form) food grade for the United States market through an exclusive partnership with Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., the leading supplier of this ingredient.

According to U.S. customs, the 2013 annual U.S. Choline Bitartrate import has reached 800MT, which shows a double-digit growth over the last three years. Top manufacturer Jinan Asia shared 40 percent of the US market with 60 percent of its quantity being sold through GWI. “We are excited about this agreement and to be able to support all our customers in the growth of this category,” says Jim Schultz, CEO and Founder of GWI. “We want to be the reliable resource for Choline and demonstrate commitment through our exclusive partnerships. Exclusivity always secures the supply for our customers while keeping quality and manufacturer origin consistent. That guarantees the transparency and traceability of all our materials,” Schultz adds.

GWI carries a full line of brain health ingredients, showing supporting benefits for people of all ages. Besides Choline DL-Bitratrate, GWI also distributes other Jinan Asia products, such as Choline L-Bitartrate, Choline Bitartrate coated grade, Choline Dihydrogen Citrate, DMAE and Betaine HCL.


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