ISHF launches

ISHF launches

International Science and Health Foundation's new educational portal presents the latest research on the properties of vitamin K2.

The International Science and Health Foundation is a scientific community independent of business commitments whose activities are intended to foster a healthy point of view that benefits society. Since its founding in 2009, the Foundation’s mission has been to improve the quality of life by providing proper knowledge and supporting scientific developments. Its latest initiative is the development and launch of an educational portal——as a credible and reliable source of the latest research on the properties of vitamin K2.

“We have observed a robust body of clinical evidence highlighting the benefits of vitamin K2 for human health, particularly in the areas of bone and cardiovascular health. We have also seen alarming research showing that most Western populations are deficient in this vital nutrient,” says Katarzyna Maresz, PhD, the Foundation’s president and one of its scientific advisors. “To that end, we created a website where visitors to have the opportunity to consciously counteract the negative changes in the skeletal system and the circulatory system by providing them insight on the latest science, as well as interesting articles and tips for a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to build awareness of the great health-promoting properties of vitamin K2—not only for adults, but also for children.” is the latest effort and a natural progression in the Foundation’s main objective of health education through the promotion of social and scientific projects, such as:

  • Pregnancy Portal: On May 26, 2009, the Foundation debuted its Pregnancy Portal (Ciąż, a non-commercial service for people who are planning to have a baby, pregnant women and parents of young children.
  • Fertility Portal: In 2011, the Foundation started working on a portal——to provide a reliable source of information on fertility problems for a growing community of men and women.
  • Paternity Portal: With statistics showing few fathers are exercising their right to paternity leave, in early September 2011, the Foundation launched the portal to inspire men to become more involved in raising their children, and informing them of their rights. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Poland.
  • Krill/Omega-3 Portal: With a growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of krill and omega-3 fatty acids for human health, the Foundation established in 2011 to encourage education on the facts.

“ is the collective work of an international community that has explored and understands the emerging role of vitamin K2 and human health. The portal is intended to be a resource for all—consumers and medical professionals alike,” Maresz continues. “Every visitor has access to the latest information pertaining to vitamin K2, from research and analysis, to ideas about attaining a healthy lifestyle. And should a visitor not find what they are searching for, we encourage them to reach out to one of our experts to answer their specific question.”

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