SourceOne launches Cholesstrinol HP and HPe

SourceOne launches Cholesstrinol HP and HPe

Heart health formula's new maximum potency and purity deliver more with less.

SourceOne® Global Partners LLC, a leading provider of health and wellness solutions created through scientific research and innovative product development, has announced the launch of two new patented Cholesstrinol formulations:  Cholesstrinol HP and Cholesstrinol HPe.

According to Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne, the company has more than doubled the potency of PMF-Source® citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) and TocoSource® palm tocotrienols while delivering a broader flavonoid profile in both formulas.  "We have taken a quantum leap from the original formula to Cholesstrinol HP and Cholesstrinol HPe," he says.

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (November/December, 2007, Vol. 13, No. 6) published the results of several studies that combined PMF-source®  and TocoSource® palm tocotrienols branded Sytrinol® that was manufactured and distributed by SourceOne from 2003-2008.

SourceOne is able to offer the industry super-concentrated citrus PMFs and lemon flavonoid concentrates through an exclusive  joint venture partnership with Ingredients by Nature (IBN), Montclair, Calif., a leading company with over 80 years of extraction and analytical experience and expertise.

Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature, explains, "Through our advanced extract and concentration technologies we have super concentrated the standardized citrus flavonoid complexes found in Cholesstrinol beyond levels ever conceived.  Additionally, commercial quantities of high-purity eriocitrin complexes have never been available until we developed breakthrough techniques for isolating and concentrating these lemon-derived flavonoids."

Cholesstrinol HPe features the addition of standardized levels of eriocitrin, a powerful flavonoid found in lemon (Citrus limon) extract.  Eriocitrin has been shown to support the body's natural anti-inflammatory responses. "In fact, we have evidence that our proprietary eriocitrin complexes, which also contain its aglycone eriodyctyol, has more inflammation suppression than quercetin, a flavonoid widely used in the industry as a standard for measuring anti-inflammatory effect in cell line culture studies. "This is a critical feature for modern heart-health formulas, as inflammation is noted as a silent factor in adverse cardiovascular events," Brewster emphasizes.

According to Lopez, this advancement in concentration and purity allows SourceOne's clients and marketing partners to be able to effectively reduce capsule size, reduce costs, increase formulation options and broaden product applications. Further, both Cholesstrinol HP and Cholesstrinol HPe may feature the patented VESIsorb delivery system to further improve absorption and bioavailability. 

"Our next-generation Cholesstrinol provides consumers what they seek—smaller, easier-to-swallow dosages, a broader range of heart-healthy formulations and superior bio-availability through the VESIsorb system," Lopez explains. "Further, our portfolio of patents and growing body of scientific evidence supporting the heart health benefits has already attracted recommendations from cardiologists who are increasingly suggesting supplements."

He adds, "We will continue to advance the clinical evidence, building on the scientific basis for these natural polymethoxylated flavone (PMF) palm tocotrienol and limonoid ingredients while educating consumers and building global awareness of the many benefits of supplementation with one of our patented Cholesstrinol formulas."


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