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Xsto develops test for K2 MK-7 absorption

Xsto Solutions and Kappa Bioscience have developed a new testing method to measure the amount of trans versus cis isomers in K2 MK-7.

Xsto Solutions, along with partner, Kappa Bioscience, has developed a new testing method to measure the amount of trans versus cis isomers in K2 MK-7. A growing body of clinical evidence clearly demonstrates vitamin K2 MK-7 is essential for bone and heart health as well as protecting the arteries from calcification.  

Quality testing of K2 MK7 is crucial because while both the trans and cis are absorbed into the blood, K2 MK7 as found in nature is 100 percent trans. As with K2 and other nutritional ingredients with trans and cis isomers, the trans form is biologically active while the cis isomer is not. Xsto and Kappa created this new testing method following the popularity of K2 MK-7 and the growing science on how the body absorbs and utilizes this key ingredient.  K2 MK-7 is the preferred vitamin K because of its long half-life in the body and strong base of clinical support.   

“As the supplier of K2vital, which is 98 percent all-trans K2 MK-7, we believe this testing is imperative. The market is saturated with K2 MK-7 products that have such an extremely low trans count, making them essentially useless to the consumer. We want to offer the market a way of quantifying the K2 MK-7 product they are buying so that the end user receives the benefit of supplementation, “ explains Francis Foley, president of Xsto Solutions.

Below is an example of the test using K2 MK-7 powder samples taken from the largest suppliers of K2 on the market today.

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