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AMATEA Guayusa Extract [white paper]

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Guayusa—Ilex guayusa—(pronounced “gwhy-you-sa”) is a caffeinated leaf of the holly species that grows only in the upper Amazon basin of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Records suggest that guayusa has been used and traded as a medicinal plant in the greater Andes Amazon region since at least 500 CE. Guayusa's effect is usually experienced as a bright and focused energy thanks to healthy synergistic compounds that help balance the naturally occurring caffeine.

Market forecasting for this Amazonian energy shows us that consumers are already primed for the emergence of guayusa thanks, in part, to the growth of energy beverages and more specifically, natural energy as a whole. AMATEA™ guayusa extract has been specifically designed for high solubility, stability and performance in food, beverage and supplement applications.

Learn more about AMATEA by downloading this white paper.