Celebrating the connection of people and plants [e-guide]

In our environment, plants help to mitigate pollutants from air, soil and water. They help clothe us, feed us and nurture us. They beautify the world around us, and they even make us and our living environments smell nice. They have the power to clean and disinfect—and, the power to heal. Their medicinal qualities are steeped in history, and a resounding body of research supports the integral role plants play in our complete well-being—mind, body and soul.

Plants have forever lived alongside us, feeding our bodies and minds—and appearing in nearly all facets of our lives. Although it’s easy to overlook these silent planet companions, it’s important to honor the ways in which they’ve helped us not only survive but thrive. We partnered with Gaia to bring you this e-guide that celebrates the connection of people and plants.

In this guide you'll learn about: 

  • The history of our relationship with plants
  • Plant-based medicine
  • Herbs to thrive

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