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Enzymes and whole body health - mini guide

Enzymes and whole body health - mini guide
Learn about the opportunities for enzymes in this mini guide.

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You are what you eat. That old adage is certainly true, but perhaps it’s more accurate to say “you are what your body absorbs from diet.” In order to actually benefit from the nutrients in the foods we consume, our digestive system needs to break them down so our bodies can absorb and use their nutrients to function properly. When digestion is disrupted or compromised in any way, we miss out on some or all of the vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and even fat we put into our bodies. In turn, this can negatively impact any and all areas of well-being, from brainpower to muscle synthesis to heart function.

As a growing number of consumers grasp the connection between digestive and whole-body health, they are realizing the importance of ensuring their digestive tracts are functioning properly. To support this, more and more are turning to supplemental enzymes, proteins that act on specific molecules in food to break them down and make them usable for the body. Learn more about opportunities for enzymes in this mini guide.

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