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We believe that the future of our food system is in our hands - and that tomorrow really can be healthier than today if we join forces. But it doesn't come easy. We have a lot of work to do - work that requires us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. This year, we've once again partnered with impassioned food suppliers and brands to spread the word about transparent and sustainable ingredient sourcing, healthy innovations and, most importantly, what's needed in order to get healthier products into the hands of all people.

Watson is Feeding the Good Food Future!

Everyone should have access to healthy foods and nutrition. We started close to home—many of our employees had no place to grow produce. We dug up the company lawn for the “Watson Community Garden,” for ourselves and the ‘Plant A Row For The Hungry’ program (then challenged local companies, to do the same!).

We’re committed to supporting local and national food banks.

We donate supplements to prevent deficiencies in areas like Dominican Republic, and provide nutrient blends to augment relief efforts after natural disasters.

We formulated a line of clean-label ingredients, and naturally-colored sprinkles without PHOs. 

Nearly one-third of bread is discarded. Reducing food waste requires innovation in shelf-life extension, so we developed a line of natural shelf-life extenders which prevent staling/molding of breads.

Trust and transparency matter, so we provide full disclosure with complete Certificates of Analysis for every lot and encourage customers to visit us and audit!

We’re passionate about sustainability! Since 2010 we have purchased 100 percent of our electricity from wind energy. Our Kaizen teams quantified all the energy we consumed company-wide. From this, we developed a plan that encompasses wind, solar, upgrading to high-efficiency equipment and re-engineering existing systems to optimize efficiency. Before 2019, we’ll reduce our electrical consumption by 25 percent—a reduction of over 1 million KWhrs!

Watson is Feeding the Good Food Future by increasing accessibility to nutrition, innovating to reduce food waste, and engaging team members’ ingenuity to minimize energy consumption.

Learn more about Watson at and follow @watsonnews on Twitter or @YourWatson on Facebook.

Feeding the Good Food Future unites companies that are committed to a healthier tomorrow. Join the movement here.