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Food disruptors: Turn top trends into opportunities – webinar

During this webinar we’ll dig into three disruptors defining the future of food, and how to turn them into opportunities for positive supply chain impact.
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The good food movement is booming. In 2018, sales of natural, organic and functional food and beverage grew 6.6 percent to $152 billion, while sales of conventional food and beverage contracted 0.2 percent, indicating strong consumer desire for cleaner products. And with that comes both significant challenges and tremendous opportunities. During this webinar, we’ll dig into three of the disruptors defining the future of food—technology, sustainability and omnichannel retail—and how to turn these developments into opportunities in order to optimize success and positive supply chain impact. 


Amanda Hartt 117x132.jpg

Amanda Hartt, Market Research Manager, NEXT Data & Insights, New Hope Network

Frank Recht Head-shot

Frank Recht, Food and Beverage Solution Consulting Manager, Oracle NetSuite  

Ryan Emmons Head Shot

Ryan Emmons, Founder and CEO, Waiakea Inc. 

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