The Future of the Good Food Movement: Trends, Opportunities, Key Market Drivers [Webinar]


There’s no doubt about it: Consumers are waking up to the importance of what they put in their bodies, driving an unprecedented shift toward cleaner, healthier, more transparent food and beverage products. At the same time, good food renegades are more committed than ever before to changing the future of our food system.

During this webinar, we’ll explore the trends and opportunities tied to critical food-industry issues: food waste, access, transparency, supply-chain, conscious funding, special diets and more. We’ll also look at the importance of developing socially conscious, ethical supply chain practices and how change-making retailers are leading the movement for a healthier tomorrow for all consumers.



Jenna Blumenfeld, Senior Food Editor, New Hope Network


Abraham Nabors, Director of Education & Standards, Mustard Seed Market & Café


Gillian Christie, Founder and CEO, Christie & Co


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