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Healthy aging [mini guide]

Healthy aging [mini guide]
Explore the best ingredient solutions for healthy aging in this mini guide.

What does healthy aging mean exactly? “Healthy aging is about bridging the gap between life span and health span,” says R.V. Venkatesh, managing director at Gencor. “This means increasing the number of years lived healthfully and also extending health span by delaying the natural physiological process of metabolism decline that comes with age.”

Today more than ever, consumers understand that they can do many things proactively—eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, take health-supporting supplements—to delay or even prevent the negative effects of aging and keep their bodies and brains “younger” for longer. 

For supplement formulators looking to succeed in the healthy aging space, there is a vast array of exciting branded ingredients to choose from. Because there are many subcategories within this larger segment, let’s break them down and explore the best ingredient solutions within each.

Download this mini guide now.