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Hemp Collective

Hemp Collective podcast episode 9: The changing finance and investment landscape of hemp CBD

White-paper-Hemp Collective podcast episode 9: The changing finance and investment landscape of hemp CBD

Hemp Collective podcast episode 9: The changing finance and investment landscape of hemp CBD
Tune into this podcast, where New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider dig into the most relevant topics related to hemp and CBD in order to cultivate a responsible industry, from seed to shelf.

The adage "there's nothing constant but change" could not be more accurate when it comes to describing the rapidly evolving hemp industry finance and investment environment. When the regulatory picture changed, providing a legal path to market for raw material providers and processors, branded products, and ancillary services, it seemed the flood gates opened up wide for investors of all types looking to cash-in on the what's turned into a 20th century gold rush. 

As the industry has grown, and begun maturing, opportunities and appetites change. Couple that with a global pandemic placing new variables into play across all production and product sectors, new industry priorities have developed and volatility in supply chains has emerged.

Today we interview Patrick Rea, CEO and co-founder of CanopyBoulder, one of the most active investors in the cannabis industry. Since founding CanopyBoulder in 2013, Patrick has led investments in over 115 companies in the hemp, CBD and ancillary cannabis tech space. He knows a thing or two about the where the industry has been, and thinks he has a pretty decent handle and where the money is heading.

During this episode, we explore: 

  • What's changed over the years in the developing hemp CBD market, and where today's investors a prioritizing.
  • A dive into the investor community to understand the types of investors: activist, equity and seed capital.
  • How 2020 industry course corrections in supply chains for hemp and hemp CBD have impacted the market for supply chain investment.
  • A view into factors affecting today's company valuations.
  • A bit of "futurecasting" in terms of where the industry may be heading.


"For U.S. multi-state operators, we're starting to see quarter over quarter sequential growth in the 15 to 20% range - and that's appealing and more stable. People in the public markets are starting to understand that." – Patrick Rea, CEO CanopyBoulder



Patrick Rea, CEO and Co-Founder, CanopyBoulder

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