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How to navigate the nutrition industry – webinar

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During this hour-long webinar, we provide a snapshot of where the industry is today and where it’s heading.
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As consumers take health into their own hands, dietary supplements are playing an even more important role in this empowerment conversation. Today, consumer demand has helped to create a dynamic $46.3 billion supplement market. Since the passage of DSHEA, nearly 25 years ago, multiple narratives have evolved, sparking new innovations, new challenges and, of course, new opportunities. Thanks to better science, research and technology, the industry continues to grow rapidly, with even more exciting narratives on the horizon.

During this hour-long webinar, we’ll provide a snapshot of where the industry is today and where it’s heading, how to stay ahead of the curve with clean label and transparency practices and ultimately the best strategies for communicating product quality and integrity to the end user of these products. Including reporting on custom New Hope Network consumer research, this webinar will provide a platform for ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to come together to strengthen the industry by defining best practices and cohesive messaging.



Eric Pierce, Vice President of Business Insights, New Hope Network


Rick Polito, Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition Business Journal


Starkie Sowers, Director of Education, Clark's Nutrition


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