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Now in its second year, Inside the Bottle unites transparent, high-quality ingredient suppliers and finished-product manufacturers to explore the most pressing issues facing the supplements industry today. 

Arthur Andrew, Alkemist Labs, Country Life, MegaFood, Natural Factors, NeoCell, Orgenetics and Sabinsa are committed to educating on the value of dietary supplementation and the business practices that ensure they're delivering a quality product. 

Know what’s Inside the Bottle with Alkemist Labs.

Who confirms that what it says on the label is what’s in the bottle? We do.

Now in its 20th year, Inside the Bottle partner Alkemist Labs is an established leader in botanical identity testing, with expanded capabilities in phytochemical potency analysis. Full method transparency, personalized technical support and unrivaled customer service are our hallmarks. With our expertise in this very specialized testing niche, we can help you in all aspects of ensuring that you know exactly what is in your products. This support spans from guiding you through selection of reference materials, to determining what tests are appropriate, to facilitating resolution if testing discrepancies arise, with the end result of your having confidence in your products, and the tools to demonstrate it to regulators and customers. Alkemist Labs helps companies achieve and maintain quality products and cGMP compliance.

Natural products are complex and require more than a combination of different analytical techniques, they also require the expertise to know when and how to apply those analytical techniques accurately. Our ISO/IEC 17025 flexible scope accreditation means outside specialists have confirmed our expertise. Our Certificate of Analysis is transparent and comprehensive. It includes full method and data disclosure, not only everything a manufacturer needs to reproduce the analysis, but everything a company needs to defend the results in front of auditors.

Our mission to bring transparency to all areas of natural products industry testing includes education tools designed to demystify testing and help companies obtain accurate results to support regulatory compliance and illustrate their quality commitment to consumers.

Our clients know exactly what’s Inside the Bottle, which is why we’re a part of this important initiative.

Learn more about Alkemist Labs at or follow @AlkemistsLabs on Twitter.

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