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Inside the Bottle

Inside the Bottle - Supplement superhighway

Inside the Bottle - Supplement superhighway
Science, transparency and innovation must work hand in hand to build trust in the supply chain and create a cohesive industry story. Here’s what lies ahead.

Overarching trends and market themes help guide, but avoid dictating, each narrative. In the world of dietary supplements, there are many narratives that have brought the industry to where it is today. In fact, the idea of supplementing or fortifying foods to avoid deficiencies is still relatively new, with vitamins only having just been discovered a little more than a century ago. The concept of people not eating enough nutrient-rich foods and therefore needing to supplement to avoid deficiencies has been a key story of dietary supplements for years.

Securing access to dietary supplements with the foundation of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, is one fitting start to this industry’s story. Yet, the story does not stop there. In the almost 25 years since the inception of DSHEA, the industry has evolved in a multitude of ways; today, the supplement market is valued at $46.3 billion and is one that empowers consumers to take control of their health. 

Inside this guide:

  • An evolving story of supplements.
  • A new agricultural revolution.
  • Is self-regulation the answer?
  • The road ahead.

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