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Inside the Bottle: Support quality supplements [download]

As the health care debate continues across the country, more and more consumers are taking health into their own hands. If they don’t already, they’re beginning to understand the direct correlation between what they put in their body, how they feel and their long-term health... and supplements are becoming a much bigger part of that equation.

In 2016, the overall supplement market was valued at approximately $41.1 billion, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

As a trusted retailer, what's your role in supporting this natural health movement? It starts with stocking and supporting quality supplements. As a gatekeeper, retailers are in a unique position to ensure that consumers not only have access to supplements but understand their value and place in their day-to-day lives.

In our free retail eGuide, we provide checklists for vetting products, tips for merchandising and expert advice from retailers including Pharmaca, Vitamin Cottage and Cambridge Naturals.


Download your copy below!