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Livaux whole gold kiwifruit-based ingredient for promoting microbiome balance [white paper] 

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An imbalance in the microbiome affects human health. Principal drivers of this microbiome imbalance include: nutritionally defective diets associated with insufficient consumption of fermented foods, overuse of antibiotics and use of anti-bacterial products. One of these bacterium, F. prau, a member of the Firmicutes phylum, accounts for approximately 5-15 percent of the total colonic microbiome. A decreased intestinal number of F. prau has been linked to a number of digestive issues.

Livaux™ is a whole food-based nutritional ingredient option crafted from the nutrient-dense New Zealand gold kiwifruit. With pre-biotic activity, it is the only nutritional supplement (dietary or food) shown to increase the levels of F. prau in functionally constipated individuals.

Download the white paper today and learn more about the multitude of beneficial effects of whole gold kiwifruit Livaux™.