Help your customers manage menopause

If there was ever a category that supplement retailers should target, it's menopause. Practically defined by its unpleasant symptons, many women dread "the change." But it doesn't have to be a negative (or pharmaceutical-ridden) experience. 

Natural retailers are in a unique position to help shoppers during this time. It's critical to carefully vet products and stock only those containing research-backed ingredients that can have a significant and positive impact on hormones. Clinical research into different phenotypes of concentrated maca (yes there are more than one and they all do different things) has shown success rates can reach 84 percent and impact all menopausal symptoms, not just some. 

For your customers, download our consumer guide where we map out the research-backed information on all aspects of menopause including diet, lifestyle and environment factors to empower your customers. 

In this guide you'll learn about managing symptoms with:

  • Hormone-balancing foods
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Natural remedies

Click here to download a copy of the eGuide and share with your customers!