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Natural mixed-carotene with highest alpha-carotene [white paper]

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Carotenoids are the natural bright yellow-, orange- and red-colored plant pigments. Epidemiologists have observed that those populations that routinely consume carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables were better protected against age-related diseases. The active component for supplementation was narrowed down to beta-carotene, as it is one of the most common dietary carotenoids.

However, supplementation of synthetic single form of beta-carotene intervention studies raised significant safety concerns—but these negative effects were not observed from natural mixed-carotene/carotenoids derived from fruits and vegetables.

EVTene™ is a natural mixed-carotene extracted and concentrated from palm fruits. The natural carotenes in EVTene™ may work synergistically to confer health benefits. This paper will present compelling scientific information about natural mixed-carotene, alpha-carotene and their unique health attributes.

Learn more by downloading this white paper.