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The rise of fermented foods and supplements - download

The rise of fermented foods and supplements - download
Stock your shelves with these products, and be better able to educate your customers on this important nutrition trend.

Thousands of years ago, fermentation typically happened by chance. Nowadays, scientists and fermentation enthusiasts understand much more about this dynamic process. As technological capabilities have advanced, companies can now offer a wide variety of packaged, fermented goods. Fermented supplements, for example, are among the newest innovations on the market.

Driving the innovation in this category is an increased consumer awareness surrounding the benefits of fermentation and the importance of nourishing and supporting the good flora and fauna within us (bacteria, yeasts and other fungi), better known as the "microbiota."

Educate your customers on how adding fermented foods and supplements to their diet can support their gut health and provide deep, holistic nourishment.

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