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This year our Inside the Bottle program content has trained the spotlight on Illuminating Quality & Identifying Opportunities within the supplement industry. We believe that quality supplements begin with quality ingredients, and quality ingredients are defined not merely by required documentation and optimal testing, but by moving to the best practices that truly define transparent supply chains.

In this webinar we will discuss the actions that truly define what transparency really means—what manufacturers should truly demand of the contractors and supply chain partners, and ultimately can communicate to their customers.

We will also look at the financial pitfalls and penalties that affect the entire supplement industry when sub-standard practices happen, and implications and benefits for businesses engaged in doing things right. We hold to the expression “rising tides raise all ships.”

Please join us and be a part of making the supplement industry the best we can be.



Moderator: Fran Schoenwetter, Managing Director Content, Engredea 


Scott Steinford, Managing Partner, Trust Transparency Consulting


David Thibodeau, Managing Director, Wellvest Capital


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Before attending the webinar, catch up with the 2017 Supplement Manufacturer Edition of Inside the Bottle.