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NBJ Direct Selling: Internet, MLM, Mail Order, DRTV/Radio Webinar

NBJ provides a thorough review of the Internet & MLM channels in the April issue of NBJ.  This Webinar will provide an even deeper analysis of the 13% rise in Internet sales in 2010, MLM’s performance domestically and internationally, and the explosion of social media among consumers.  



Social Media has dramatically changed the landscape for non-retail channels.  Facebook has charged into the picture soaking up 38.1% of the entire global online audience, according to February 2011 data from Google’s Ad Planner.  The surging number of Baby Boomers spending time online has created new opportunities to reach this growing market of supplement users.        

Nutrition Business Journal will be hosting a Webinar from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. MT on Wednesday, June 8 to discuss the social media surge and how sales of dietary supplements performed via Internet retailers, multi-level marketers (MLMs), direct-response television (DRTV), direct-response radio (DR radio), and mail-order catalogs in 2010. 

In addition to providing a detailed overview of 2010 nutrition sales by product category and direct-to-consumer channel, the Webinar will explore:

  •  How direct-to-consumer sales compared to retail sales in 2010
  • which social media platforms companies are using and which are proving to be successful
  • How domestic vs. international MLM's perform in 2010 and what is expected for 2011
  •  The importance of continuity/auto-ship programs and how these have been impacted by the down economy and fraudulent billing practices related to nutrition products
  • An analysis of the most successful global MLM's 




Marc Brush Marc Brush is the editor of NBJ and helped guide the editorial direction for all NBJ products. Marc has written for many industry publications, and brings more than 10 years of professional experience in editing and business analytics to NBJ.
Carla Ooyen is the director of market research of NBJ.  In addition to producing market research reports, Carla is responsible for NBJ’s quantitative research, company databases and surveys. Carla earned her MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.

“NBJ’s research into these direct sales channels is another way NBJ’s market research is different than that of other
research firms that look solely at the nutrition industry’s retail markets.”  Said Nutrition Business Journal Editor Marc Brush.


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