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Webinar: Non-GMO Movement - Opportunities for Manufacturers and Retailers

In 2010, sales of products carrying the Non-GMO Project Verified label jumped more than 25 percent. Growth is expected to be even greater this year, thanks to the thousands of new products now carrying the Non-GMO Project label and the expanding consumer base aligning with the anti-GMO cause. As a natural products manufacturer or retailer, you can support the non-GMO movement while growing your own sales and strengthening your customer relationships.

After attending this complimentary webinar,manufacturers and retailers will:

  • Be armed with the tools and information necessary to educate and communicate authoritatively to consumers on the GMO issue
  • Understand the investment, resources and processes required to certify products as non-GMO
  • Be ready to build a plan for removing or labeling GM products throughout the retail environment

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