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5 great tasting and healthy meal replacement picks

Time-strapped consumers have long fantasized about the perfect meal in a pill—a product that could control calories while delivering nutrition and satiety with little fuss. We may never create a one-gulp meal solution, but given today’s proliferation of flavorful, healthy meal replacement options, who would want to?

Conventional products rife with chemicals, artificial ingredients and fillers still dominate the meal replacement category, but natural manufacturers are finally waking up to the opportunities that can come from developing healthier options. Natural meal replacements highlight ingredient transparency as one way to stand apart from conventional products. They use infographics and prominent nutrition labels to promote non-genetically modified, organic and whole-food ingredients, as well as protein-dense formulations for vegan eaters. In addition to building trust among loyal natural shoppers, this approach also may woo new consumers hungry for cleaner products and honest labeling.

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