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Feeling half-past dead…?

Feeling half-past dead...?

“I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin' about half-past dead” ... easy to feel that way when the daily news has become a grim torrent of bad and worse. Let’s say Anaheim is our Nazareth, a destination where we take measure. Do we drift into Expo West feeling half-past dead? And how do we define our industry in very challenging times? We embrace what brought us here in the first place: Natural and organic products that deliver better, healthier lives and good choices for all of us and Earth.

On painful micro and macro levels we are in the process of righting excess, bad policy and bad choices. The silver lining is how we re-engineer our priorities and choose better destinations. That is what we in the natural products industry are all about. We acknowledge the challenge of creating healthier lives, families and planet. We help heal what is broken. We understand that an event can define our industry, but that we define the event. And when we do this, we pull out of Nazareth in another frame of mind.

—Mark Hickey, publisher, The Natural Foods Merchandiser

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