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Oh my (little) darlin'

It's the time of year when organic mandarin oranges are in full swing, and they are a favorite fruit in many homes. How could they not be? They are tasty, easy to eat and loaded with vitamins. That may be truer for organic mandarins than for their conventional counterparts. Check out this information I found in the Scoop newsletter from the Organic Center:

A team of Spanish scientists grew conventional and organic mandarin oranges on the same farm, using the same irrigation methods and variety of tree. The study found that organic mandarins produce a juice that:

  • Is more intensely colored
  • Has a superior aroma and taste
  • Contains higher levels of all eight minerals studied (in three cases by 50 percent or more)
  • Has a 40 percent higher concentration of total carotenoids (vitamin A)
  • Contained 13 percent more vitamin C

    While most of the organic citrus we eat in this country is from California, Florida, Texas or Arizona, I'm sure your customers will be impressed with the test results. Spain is a global citrus leader so it makes sense the research should come from that sunny country. And in this market where people are increasingly looking for value, this is a great selling point. Try posting a sign with this information next to your display and a sample of the sweet fruit.

    Or, how about doing a mandarin-juicing demo and juice samples?

    There's a treat that would be hard for someone to walk by. Perhaps put up a description of the mandarins themselves to help them to distinguish mandarins from other tangerines. Common mandarin varieties are Satsuma, Clementine, Dancy, Honey, Temple oranges, tangelos and Pixie. Satsumas have been in tight supply this season, but it looks as though the crop is strong in the other varieties.

    So get stocking and start juicing.

    Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXX/number 1/p. 18

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