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Who's winning the snacking battle?

NFM 's intern Katie Corcoran scoured the Denver metro area in search of moms on the front lines of the snack wars. In an effort to determine who is winning the battle, she asked: What do typical natural products shoppers get for their kids when hunger strikes? Take note of their responses to see what products to stock now.

Sue Fagan
Kids: Two daughters, ages 4 and 7
“I have a daughter who needs a snack bag for school. She’s not allowed to have any liquids or nut products because many children have food allergies in her class. I like to provide a variety of snack choices so it balances out food groups because nutrition is No. 1. I don’t really buy packaged goods and if I do, I like to take the snacks out of the packages. Sometimes I’ll throw in apple sauce for convenience when I need a back up from my mommy stash.”
What snacks do her kids like? Cheese sticks, fruit, carrot sticks, raisins and pretzels. They really like popcorn but Fagan tries to limit their intake.
Who wins? Mom

Sara Marshall
Kids: Two daughters, ages 3 and 2
“My youngest is on a gluten-free diet and I try to stick to buying organic foods that are as healthy as possible with no processed sugars."
What snacks do her kids like? "They like junk-food snacks and anything with Dora the Explorer or other characters on them. I would love to find a healthier option for fruit snacks because my kids love those.”
Who wins? Mom

Stephanie Hayden
Kids: One daughter, age 8
“I try to feed my daughter food that is as healthy as possible and I suggest what’s healthy and what’s not to her. She knows it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables but I do let her eat junk food once in a while. You can’t be too crazy [about limits].”
Who wins? It’s a tie.

Jamie Chomas
Kids: Two daughters, ages 1 and 4
“I like to feed them healthy food but they have to like what they’re eating. I don’t go down some of the aisles at Safeway to avoid the junk. I am lucky because my kids tend to like healthy food but if they want a certain snack at Whole Foods I let them get it because I know it’s a healthy product. I shy away from snacks with high fructose corn syrup and I look for those with sugar and honey. In fact, I was just looking if there were any gummy vitamins that didn’t have a first ingredient as sugar but I couldn't find any.”
What snacks do her kids like? Annie’s products, fruit and crackers and cheese
Who wins? It’s a tie.

Lila Rosenthal
Kids: One daughter, age 4
“Now that she’s older, she knows what she likes and she is more inclined to verbalize it but historically I pick what I want her to eat. We stay away from candy, soda and potato chips. I don’t even give out candy on Halloween. Last year I gave out toothbrushes and this year I plan to give out little toys.”
What does her daughter like? Pretzels, peanut butter or almond butter with sliced apples, honey sticks, Lara-bars, veggie chips and fresh fruits
Who wins? Mom

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