Novel named exclusive distributor of Quinoasure

Novel named exclusive distributor of Quinoasure

Industry’s first instant quinoa powder is the only quinoa product suitable for use in foods, beverages, dietary supplements and meal replacements.

Novel Ingredient Services has been named the exclusive U.S. distributor (nutraceutical market) of Quinoasure, the industry’s first instant, nutritional quinoa powder and the only quinoa product suitable for use as an ingredient in foods, beverages, dietary supplements and meal replacements. The company will also service customers in Canada and Mexico.

Quinoasure provides all of the exceptional nutritional benefits of quinoa in a form that offers greater nutritional value and potency, as well as improved digestibility and solubility. It is all-natural, cholesterol free, gluten free and hypoallergenic. Available in both conventional and organic forms, Quinoasure is odorless, virtually tasteless and has better mouthfeel than the quinoa grain. It is also kosher certified.

“Quinoasure is a remarkable ingredient,” said Bob Green, Novel president. “Water solubility makes Quinoasure versatile enough to use in a variety of nutritional supplements and meal replacements, as well as beverages and foods. It’s even more cost effective: It takes 159 grams of the raw quinoa grain to equal the biological value of 100 grams of Quinoasure.”

Quinoasure is produced using a fair trade model that ensures the environment is protected; that GMOs, hazardous chemicals, and child labor are never used during production; and that fair prices are paid at every step of the supply chain.

More nutritious than quinoa
Quinoasure is made of 100 percent non-GMO whole quinoa seeds, using a proprietary technology that results in improved organoleptic properties and exceptionally high biological value protein: 14 percent to 16 percent. No additives, flavorings, dyes, sugars or preservatives are added during processing, and it is devoid of gluten, lactose and soy.

The technology used to produce Quinoasure increases its potency. This is due in part to the deactivation of anti‑nutritional compounds such as protease inhibitors, as well as Quinoasure’s low moisture content, which is 6 percent to 7 percent. In contrast, quinoa grain has 12 percent moisture. In addition, research has shown that Quinoasure’s increased nutritional value enhances its digestibility. With Quinoasure, protein and amino acid absorption is 82 percent to 86 percent—compared to 68 percent for quinoa grain and flour—increasing protein assimilation by 20 percent. Quinoasure’s digestibility for starch is 70 percent; it is only 35 percent for the raw quinoa grain.

Quinoasure’s superior nutrient profile has been found to be beneficial for anyone over six months of age. As a high biological value protein, it may be particularly valuable for pregnant and nursing women as well as people who follow specialized diets—including vegetarian, vegan, soft and semi-soft, low‑calorie, and celiac. The calcium content makes Quinoasure an especially beneficial nutrient for vegans and individuals who are lactose intolerant.


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