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Taura URC fruit ingredients confirmed low GI

Taura URC fruit ingredients confirmed low GI
Taura recently conducted independent GI testing of two of its biggest selling URC fruit ingredients.

Products containing high-quality, fructose-rich fruit ingredients are in an ideal position to take advantage of a surge in positive noise around low glycemic index (GI) diets and slow-release energy, according to Taura Natural Ingredients.

Taura has recently conducted independent GI testing of two of its biggest selling URC®fruit ingredients. These confirm conclusively that both ingredients register as low GI—a measure indicating that they release energy slowly into the bloodstream, which can help to keep hunger at bay and assist in managing blood glucose levels.

Human nutrition researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand recorded scores of below 45 for Taura’s JusFruit URC Apple Strawberry and JusFruit UR®Mixed Berry ingredients and ready-to-eat fruit snacks. Low-GI foods must register a score of less than 55.

The timing of the results couldn't be better, with momentum gathering to support the benefits of a diet rich in low-GI foods. At a recent summit in Italy, held June 6 to 7, 2013, a group of leading nutrition scientists came out in support of the GI as a reliable measure of the effect a food has on blood sugar levels.

At the event—the International Scientific Consensus Summit on Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load and Glycemic Response—the nutritionistssaid low-GI foods could be helpful in weight management programs and called for GI ratings to be included on labels.

Peter Dehasque, CEO of Taura Natural Ingredients, said: “We’re witnessing a perfect storm of science demonstrating both that low-GI diets are beneficial and that some fruit ingredients are low-GI foods. In combination, these factors highlight that high-quality fruit ingredients are at the vanguard of the GI revolution and poised to play a key role in how it shapes nutritional thinking over the coming months and years.”

He continued: “Support for the glycemic index—and the benefits of a low-GI diet—is growing fast in nutrition and regulatory circles, and it’s a great time for food manufacturers to get on board and start adding fruit to their products to take advantage of this. With their high fructose content, many of Taura’s URC ingredients can help manufacturers ride this wave of opportunity by producing delicious low-GI products consumers will love.”

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