Are you ready for the iCarrot?

Are you ready for the iCarrot?

The "Introducing the Carrot" video takes a well-aimed jab at the ridiculous fascination with technology but it also shines a light on some basic nutrition wisdom: We don't need gadgets to eat healthy foods.

At the Nutrition Business Journal, we have been watching the rise of personal health tech and the “quantified self” movement with interest because we see the supplement industry pivoting towards a personalized healthcare value proposition where data drives nutrition.

And because we like gadgets.

That’s part of why we got such a kick out of this video. In the rush toward technology and indexing nutrition right down to the human genome, it’s easy to forget that the best answers are often the most basic. It's also easy to look at the headlines telling us that Silicon Valley is going to change the way we eat and forget that we've been eating successfully since our ancestors first climbed down from the trees. Sometimes it takes a laugh to get that perspective.

Introducing Carrot from Carrot on Vimeo.

We loved the creator’s tweet almost as much as we loved the video.


The carrot, after all, is an incredible creation. We don’t need a Fitbit or a 23andMe personal genome report to tell us that carrots are a healthy menu option.

But maybe they’d tell us how many we should eat.

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