The next generation of smart food tech

The next generation of smart food tech

Mobile technology startup Niwa wants to make growing fruits & veggies a snap for any urbanite

Behold the ongoing computerization of the farmer: 

Niwa is a San Francisco startup looking to raise $100K via Kickstarter to bring hydroponic hardware and software from prototype to reality. Using all of the necessary tools -- sensors to monitor temperature, water requirements and humidity, not to mention heavy social sharing functionality via its app-based monitoring platform -- Niwa is right in sync with an early trend in natural products to bring a little make-it-yourself spirit into the consumption of healthy food.

It's a trend we see gaining traction in backyard chicken coops, rooftop gardens, home mixology tonics and the maker movement of DIYers across any number of consumer product staples. So, no real surprise to see Niwa sitting strong at $110K raised with 22 days left to go. City farmers unite.

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