3 experts share the ins and outs of influencer marketing

Denise Lambertson, Leah Segedie and Rachel Begun, RD, discuss how to get the most from your brand-influencer partnerships by building your tribe with people whose values align with your brand.

New Hope Network staff

January 5, 2018

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3 experts share the ins and outs of influencer marketing

"If you do your due diligence in finding that right influencer, and you approach it from an equal value partnership, and make them a part of the process, you will be able to trust your influencers to really powerfully influence on your behalf."
—Rachel Begun, registered dietitian 

Part 1: Basics of influencer marketing


  • Kinds of influencers: Celebrities, super influencers, micro influencers, ambassadors, off-category influencers.

  • "Ninety-two percent of consumers trust an influencer more than a brand advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement," Denise Lambertson said.



Part 2: Which influencer is right for you? 


  • How would you like influencers to drive you toward your goal? 

  • What do successful metrics look like?  

  • Where do you find the right influencer?  



Part 3: The do's and don'ts of influencer relationships


  • Compensate influencers fairly and send them the right samples.  

  • Promote influencers on social media and use effective precise communication.  



Part 4: The power of value-aligned partnerships 


  • Identify brand values and make sure your mission aligns with the influencer's.

  • Bring the influencer into the strategic process. 

  • Prioritize quality of message over quantity of followers.  



Part 5: Moderated Q&A


  • What is a good entry point for a small natural brand that recently launched?

  • How do small companies manage these relationships without sacrificing time or resources?

  • Do you recommend that compensation be part of the initial outreach? 


Part 6: Audience Q&A 

  • Are there any existing programs to connect influencers and natural product companies? 

  • What is the rate range for a micro influencer and a good standard for engagement?  

  • For an early stage business, how soon would you recommend engaging with influencers? 

  • How would your influencer strategy change based on sales channel?


This session—Growing Your Tribe: An Introduction to Connecting with Values-Aligned Influencers—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides.

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