Community Voices submission guidelines
Community Voices submission guidelines

Follow these guidelines to submit for either the IdeaXchange or Future of Food column on

IdeaXchange Guidelines

Purpose: IdeaXchange is a platform for natural products industry experts to share insights, tips and guidance on topics that are pertinent and valuable to the various New Hope Network audiences—manufacturers, retailers, producers, suppliers and others—on New Hope’s primary website,  

IdeaXchange contributors are positioned as experts in the natural products industry and all commentaries are considered to be the views of the author and not of New Hope Network/Informa. 

Objective: The article must offer valuable information to our audience(s). It should not include promotional content for the contributor’s company or services (let us know if you're interested in sponsored content opportunities).  

Tone: Conversational, casual, informative.

Length: 600-1,000 words. 

Structure: All articles must include a headline, one- to  two-sentence summary, and a one- to two-sentence contributor bio. Also needed is one clear, large file (.jpg or .png) headshot of the contributor. 

Requirements: Must be unique content that hasn't been published verbatim elsewhere. Publishing is not guaranteed—the article will go through our editorial process, which can include heavy editing or rejection of the content. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, style and clarity. Articles should be submitted by email as an attached MS Word document or as text embedded in the body of the email. Please include a brief biography at the end of your article.

Tips for standout submissions:

  • Offer insights specific to the natural products industry. 

  • Focus on a particular segment, rather than tackling a vast subject.

  • Have clear, easy-to-read takeaways. 

  • Include subheads to break up long blocks of text. 

  • Consider bullets to make your piece easy to read online. 

  • Include good images to illustrate your point (as a separate attachment, not embedded in a Word document). 

Expectations: Provide a minimum of two weeks' notice for articles related to timely events (e.g. an upcoming event the article is addressing, such as Natural Products Expo). For less timely articles, we may not publish your piece immediately. 

We encourage and prefer a regular commitment—either monthly, bimonthly or quarterly—but will accept one-time submissions. 

Please submit your column concept to Victoria Camron at [email protected].

Future of Food Guidelines

New Hope Network encourages its community members to participate in open and transparent dialogue about issues that are impacting the food industry and its future. As a contributor of this column, we invite you to share a point of view about a food industry topic that you’re passionate about. Potential topics include regenerative agriculture and farming systems, technology’s role in the CPG industry, food funding, biodiversity, equity and accessibility in food and climate action. Our goal is to create greater awareness around important topics impacting the CPG industry and various viewpoints surrounding them.


  • Approximately 750 words outlining the food industry issue or challenge and potential solutions, initiatives and innovations that you believe can have a positive impact on people and planet in the future.

  • Some considerations as you write:

  • Your current headshot and bio.

  •  Once your column is published, we invite you to share with your community. 

Please submit your column concept to Jessica Rubino at [email protected].