3 influencers share their brand partnership secrets

Influencers can provide an amazing opportunity for brands to connect with new audiences in an organic and meaningful way. In this Natural Products Expo West 2019 session, expert influencers Haile Thomas, @hailethomas; Cynthia Samanian, @hidden_rhythm; and Claire Fountain, @cbquality, give tips on how brands can foster successful partnerships with influencers.

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“Instead of trying to be authentic, just be who you are.”

—Haile Thomas

Part 1: Build relationships and encourage creative freedom


  • What is the best way brands can partner with influencers? Do your research on who you want to work with, tell your brand story and determine what your goals are as a brand.

  • It’s important to let influencers have creative freedom and flexibility, but brands shouls also bring ideas to the partnership.

  • Tips for starting a conversation with an influencer.

  • How Haile Thomas and Claire Fountain foster authenticity while still meeting brand objectives. 

  • Fountain expresses how important it is to know yourself as a brand. "As soon as you are trying too hard to be authentic, then you’ve lost it. You need to go back to your brand identity and rediscover what that is in order to communicate a clear message with your audience." 


Part 2: Determine success and make long-term partnerships


  • Paneliss share successful brand partnership, the inner workings and offer ideas of things brands can do with influencers.

  • Thomas talks about the importance of natural integration and real-life moments.

  • Cynthia Samanian discusses some of the unique partnerships that she has seen and how to create a rich experience by utilizing influencer’s skill sets and peers.

  • Fountain talks about the specific criteria that she looks for in a brand partnership. There needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship in which both parties can naturally support each other’s mission.

  • Samanian shares a personal story that shows how influencer marketing works in powerful and meaningful ways. Consumers trust the influencers that they follow and that is often the first place they turn to when looking for new products.

This session—Digital Marketing Summit: Mastering Influencer Marketing—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2019.

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