6 steps to a shareable business story

In this video series, Jay Golden inspires you to draw your customers, rally your investors and build key partnerships through telling a good story. Learn how stories work, how they guide meaning and how your own collection of essential stories can transform your brand.

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December 20, 2017

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6 steps to a shareable business story

“For me, when it comes to growth, there is one piece that is truly profound, and that is understanding what stories are and how they work in order to deliver your most critical and essential messages to the audiences that you really want to connect with.”

—Jay Golden

Part 1: The power of a good story 


  • A story turns a profound challenge into an opportunity.

  • Deeply conveyed stories will be remembered. 



Part 2: Why would we tell stories when we are all crunched for time?


  • Stories build culture and inform organizations. 

  • Tell the right story at the right time. 

  • Deliver your story in a memorable way.  


Part 3: Know your audience (and their hormones)


  • Everyone has different styles, tempos and informational needs.

  • Suspense releases dopamine. Take your audience on a journey.

  • Cortisol, a stress hormone, makes the audience focus more. 

  • Oxytocin is released when readers or listeners get the answer. 


Part 4: What is a story?


  • Details anchor the memory.

  • Stories unlock purpose.

  • Three kinds of stories: origin stories, impact stories and vision stories.


Part 5: How do stories work?


  • A story is a journey with a definable change. 

  • The "Journey Curve" includes three pivotal parts to a story.



Part 6: What is your story?


  • Three ways to organize your stories.

  • Use the "Journey Curve" to improve your stories.

  • Six steps to creating effective, retellable stories. 


 This session—Six Steps to an Effective, Retellable Story—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides.

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