Case study: Build a natural brand the Ripple way

Success comes when you start with brand architecture and build a brand organically while developing the product. Here's how the strategy worked for Ripple.

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Case study: Build a natural brand the Ripple way

“A brand should be emotional, not rational. The brand is the promise; the product is the thing that delivers on that promise. So if you don’t design those two things together, you’re going to end up with something that doesn’t feel integrated.”
Adam Lowry, Ripple Foods

Part 1: Building sustainability based on quality

Highlights from Luke Raymond, VMG Creative, and Lowry:

  • “It is not adequate to build a brand on natural or organic. Being natural or organic is not a brand, it’s an attribute,” Lowry said.

  • What is the core benefit of the product? What is the messaging you’re trying to get across?

  • Build a brand organically at the same time you’re developing a product.  


Part 2: Brand architecture


  • Create a brand architecture around the ingredient as a quality mark, not as a brand.

  • Communicate top brand components on shelf.  

  • Brand architecture: Brand name, the promise and a benefit.

  • Clearly communicate the reason to buy the product. Good food wins.


Part 3: The Ripple effect


  • Use the Ripple effect to take the brand from functional benefit to emotional influence.

  • Communicate the benefits to the community; involve members in the positive impact they’re making and give them credit. 

  • Consistently reinforce the brand message, then refine it.

  • What is your true north? Stay true to that. Get your consumer on board. And engage; they will engage others. 


Part 4: Audience Q&A

  • What do you look for when you’re trying to create marketing experience?

  • How did you launch on social before rolling out the product?

  • Does social give you the most bang for your buck in growing audience? 

This session—Building A Brand From Scratch—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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