Effective digital marketing strategies to help your brand resonate

This In Session segment digs into using digital to educate the market and tell your brand story. Learn more about the best platforms for sharing your content and measuring online marketing success.

New Hope Network staff

February 15, 2018

4 Min Read
Effective digital marketing strategies to help your brand resonate

"Digital marketing is not about advertising. It's about brand integrity; it's about valuable content; it's about partnering with other people to make yourself bigger than you are; and it's about measuring what you can take action on." 
—Trish Thomas, TEEM

Part 1: The value of storytelling


  • "The value of the story telling and the human resonance with the brand identity is almost sometimes more important than whatever the person is selling or how it's priced."

  • Find your brand focus. Quality over quantity matters.


Part 2: Content and relationships


  • Tips to help your brand content resonate. 

  • Offer real value and create touch points that will develop a lifestyle attachment.  

  • How you can leverage content to engender trust.


Part 3: Partnerships


  • Innovation requires collaboration—we are better together. 

  • Clarify the gains of being in a partnership with you. 

  • Tie into your target market through donating to a cause you care about.


Part 4: Measurement  


  • Double your business by doubling your conversion rate rather than your traffic.

  • Emails provide multiple, no-cost ways to increase conversion rates. 

  • Focus on the numbers that are driving revenue. 


Part 5: Testing your content's success


  • How well is the ad communicating with the target audience? 

  • Figure out actionable numbers and determine how it ties back into your website. 

  • Tools for measuring successful content.



Part 6: The Power of SEO / Actionable Measurement


  • Optimize and crosslink everything. 

  • "We think of everything in the digital marketing landscape as paid, earned and owned. And the earned category is where you'll get the most mileage." 


Part 7: Q&A 


  • Which is the most effective platform for digital marketing? 

  • How to leverage referrals from people that are already buying from you. 

  • When it comes to social media, is overkill an issue? 

  • What if you launch a product that needs a lot of education? 

  • How much to spend on Google Ad words?

This session—Effective digital marketing strategies to help your brand resonate—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides.

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